D4C reflects our members’ collective vision of how they want to live their lives. We provide an unrivaled setting that lets remarkable people come together. When they do, they unleash new and transformational ideas that expand their ambitions and help continue to shape the world around us. The impact of the collaborations that begin here is often felt far beyond the walls of our physical space.

Above all, D4C is a community of thinkers and doers who gravitate towards others who share a common curiosity while possessing the means and aspirations to manifest their visions for a better community. Our members are leading innovators across a wide range of industries: art, architecture, business, finance, entertainment, media, retail, fashion and beauty, hospitality, sports, real estate, legal, politics, science, technology, healthcare and academics.






Featured Artists

Evan William Mays

Evan William Mays a.k.a. NaTuRaL.e grew up in various areas such as Scotland, Germany and numerous states on the East Coast. He began illustrating and making music around age 15, and today continues to create as a freelance graphic designer & lyricist/drummer. Heavily inspired by his family and friends, his other influences include countless artists such as Alex Grey, Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger, Madlib, M.C. Escher and a great many more.

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Rodrigo Pradel

Rodrigo Pradel is a painter, illustrator and muralist born in Chile. He is a self taught artist in various mediums whose work explores the visionary worlds and entities of altered states of consciousness, Fantasy and beyond. The surrealism in his work resembles dream like environments while his subject matter shows a clear focus on the viewer and their internal journey. He currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and kids.

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Leo C. Wilson Jr.

Initiated into this world by way of the District of Columbia area, freelance photographer and spearhead of “Visual Continuity Multimedia,” Leo C. Wilson Jr. tells stories with his photos, efficiently compelling life’s strangers. Assuming the pseudonym of Dali Anewd when creating pure art on canvas, Leo’s creativity has been productively nurtured through literature, horticulture, nature and the sophistication of oil painting. Provoked by instinctive creative passion and the ability to document time, this visual art professional has photographed entertainment’s best or those on the horizon, from major venues to foreign embassies and intimate family affairs, working the camera to produce images that last a lifetime. Inspired by the grind of common folk in conjunction with his ingenious peers, Leo C. Wilson Jr. positively holds the discipline, perception and technique required to deliver quality within the function of photography and visual artistic creation.

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